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ryder james

you are officially here my boy! born october 19th, 2023. one of the best days of my life! the journey to get you here was not an easy one, especially on your mother, but it was worth every second. i mean, look at ya!

ryder james noel

we finally made it home from the hospital and i found some time to write this. it's only been one day, but i want you to know that you have been amazing. so amazing, in fact, that as i am writing this sentence, you decided to stretch in my arms and make a big poop for your dear ol' dad.. 🥲.

ok, now that your butt has been cleaned, i can tell you about your amazing brother.

asher helping feed ryder.

out of all the big brothers in the world, i believe you have the best one there is. it's only been two days and he already gets concerned when you make a whimper.. i can't make this stuff up bud, we all already love you to pieces and a two year old wants you to be happy and comfortable. you are in the perfect spot and having you here means to the world to him, even if he is too young to fully express that. now, asher isn't your only sibling, you two have a beautiful sister, zoey. she is lucky enough to have two families and is here only part of the time, don't worry though, you will get to meet her very soon.

ryder, i didn't realize it until you was here, but i was missing something. or in this case, someone. seeing you for the first time has really helped me feel centered on this planet, a feeling that is fleeting at best on a good day. i will tell you about how each one of you kids have changed me for the better, but for now, i just want to focus on you buddy. you deserve every second of attention and love that we can give you. that is why i am writing this post today, i want you to know that since day one, you reserved a special place in my heart and mind, a place that is forever yours.

don't worry, he didn't actually get the eye ball.

the amazing woman in the middle there is your mom. if you think i am showering you with love, just wait bud, she loves you two boys more than anything else. her dream was to have two boys that could grow up and love each other. i am the lucky sucker that got to help fulfill that dream. i hope you can understand one day what that really means.. this woman has dreamed of you and asher since forever. i can see when see looks at you, her heart swells with joy each and every time. we boys are lucky to have her, make sure to remind her everyday ok?

oh and your mom loves to give me a hard time so i am going to get her back. she was sad that she didn't have a pregnancy picture with you, so i got one 😁

you're welcome Brooke!

i want to apologize if this love letter is kinda all over the place. so many emotions and feelings come when holding you. it's a moment i want to always remember, no matter how unstructured it is. so with that, i will stop my rambling and just tell you, i love you ryder. your dad loves you so damn much.

ryder and i